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Gas Utility District  #1


East Baton Rouge Parish

Safety & Reliability






¨ Did you know that natural gas is an abundant, NATURAL energy source in our area? Over 97% of the natural gas used in the U.S. comes from North America, keeping more energy dollars at home!

¨ Did you know that natural gas is the cleanest burning FOSSIL FUEL available? Compared to oil and coal, it emits NO solid waste and virtually NO sulfur making it an environmentally friendly choice!

¨ Did you know that natural gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless? The smell in natural gas is a man-made chemical named MERCAPTAN that is added during the refining process as a warning to aid in the detection of leaks!

¨  Did you know that it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to remove or destroy natural gas pipeline markers? It carries a fine of $10,000 per offense!

¨ Did you know that natural gas is lighter than air? It automatically rises into the atmosphere if allowed to vent, and will safely dissipate there.

¨ Did you know that natural gas fueled vehicles are NOT a new idea? The first natural gas engine was built in 1860, BEFORE the development of the gasoline engine and there are currently over 700,000 natural gas fueled vehicles on the road worldwide!


And because most of the natural gas infrastructure is located UNDERGROUND and electric power lines are almost always ABOVE ground, natural gas is less susceptible to damage and outages due to severe weather.